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Why Is Javascript a Programming Language of the Future

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is an object-oriented and cross platform language. Most commonly used as a client side scripting language, it is one of the most commonly used scripting languages.

We have listed a few reasons why Javascript is the programming language of future.

Client-Side Execution

The code executes at the user end. Thus, there’s no server side execution. It saves the server bandwidth and thus performance is enhanced.

Server Side Javascript


Asynchronous Javascript and XML, AJAX is presently turning out to be truly prevalent with web applications making their interfaces more intuitive with clients.

  • Response time is faster with execution and speed enhancement.
  • Client-Server communication is faster.
  • Firefox add-on makes it simple to investigate AJAX call.
  • Access to JS Libraries like Prototype, Query, Scriptural, and so forth
  • AJAX sites are less demanding to explore than customary ones.

Easy To Learn

Because of an easier syntax, the language is pretty easy to learn. Pre-written functional features make the development easier and faster.

Javascript Alternatives are fragmented

There are quite a few alternatives to Javascript. However, they have high fragmentation level. Javascript has a vast compilation which gives it an edge over other scripting languages.

Prototyping Language

Objects can be defined and developed very quickly. And because classes produce objects, each object does not require specific class. The development thus becomes flexible and faster.

Site Maintenance is easy

Breakpoints and Unit Testing can be used for testing the Javascript code chunk. Thus, removal of bugs is easier.

Site Maintenance

User Friendly

Errors while filling forms are displayed at client-side making it a user friendly language. Also, low bandwidth utilization and faster execution is an added advantage for the clients.

Platform Independent

It can be executed on Windows, iOS, MAC or Android.

Javascript Libraries

It has a host of libraries and thus development of websites is far quicker than traditional ways of programming.


Attractive application can be created with event-handling.

Easy To Use Third-Party Add Ons

Third party add-ons like Facebook, Twitter can be integrated easily. Code snippets help the developers to add varied functionalities to the websites.

Validation on Browser

The form validation happens over the user’s browser. The mistakes thus done by the user while filling up a form is notified to the user instantly. Validation at server side would have been a time consuming process.

Launched in 2005, Javascript is used 92% of the websites in the world. The usage of Javascript has grown by 68% since June 2006 and thus hiring a Javascript Developer is the best you can do for a better client requirement analysis. With Javascript, it’s possible to create something tangible within minutes, because the language naturally integrates with HTML, the language of the World Wide Web.

So yes, it is the dialect without bounds. Will other phenomenal programming languages like Ruby, C, Python, LISP and Haskell vanish? We profoundly question it and beyond any doubt as hellfire don’t trust so. What’s more, once more, the best some portion of the majority of this is whether you would prefer not to compose vanilla Javascript you have a huge measure of choices.

by Vishal S April 1, 2017 

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