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Top 10 Javascript Benefits And Features

Javascript is one of the widely used, versatile, simple and effective languages to extend various functionalities in a website.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is a dynamic, high level, uninterrupted and un-typed programming language. Several websites use Javascript without the requirement of plugins in the web browser. It is a multi-paradigm language with first-class functions and is thus prototyped.

Features of Javascript

There are many unique features of Javascript. However, we are listing a few important ones out of them.

Data Validation

Data Validation comes in handy while Form Filling where Javascript validates if the form is filled. Javascript assist in Data Validation. The data isn’t saved and not submitted. The below webpage consists of a form and relevant Javascript code executes in the backend to validate the form.

Data Validation

Display Pop Up Messages

The above screenshot shall assist you in understanding popping up of relevant messages during Form Validation. E.g. While clicking on the Submit button, pop-up message asking to fill the LastName appears.

Handling different events of DOM Elements

Imagine that the form has been filled and the Submit button is clicked, the click function attached with the Submit button has Javascript code to validate the form. This is termed as event attachment.

Modifying style of DOM Elements

You may observe ‘Change Colour’ button at the bottom right of the screen clicking on which changes the background colour. This is achieved with Javascript and helps modifying style of DOM elements.


Other Features

There are few other features of Javascript as well which are listed below:

  • Javascript is light weighted
  • It is Case sensitive and has Control Statements which helps you apply conditional statements in you code.
  • It is interpreter based and has in built functionality of Event Handling.

Benefits Of Using Javascript

  • Easy To Learn: Javascript is easy to learn with its simple functions and procedures which is easy for a novice as well.

  • Easy to Debug and Test: Javascript is easy to test and debug. Since the code is interpreted line by line, the errors are displayed along with the line numbers.

  • Client Side Execution: Form Validation can be done on the client side, which reduces the unnecessary round trips between the client and the server. This also means that the load in the server is reduced and the application is more responsive.

  • Platform Independence: Javascript executes on any Operating System.

  • Easy to use: Javascript can be used with any type of Webpage. E.g. PHP, ASP.NET etc.

  • Partial Pages: With Javascript, partial page updates are available, i.e. only portions of the page can be updated, without reloading the entire webpage. This is commonly known as AJAX.

  • Animate Elements: Javascript can also be used to animate elements on page. E.g. Showing or hiding elements and sections of the page.

  • Generators and Iterators: With the newer version, features like Generators and Iterators have also been incorporated.

  • Frame Navigation: It helps to control the frame navigation.

Javascript has various advantages and thus hiring a Javascript Developer is right choice when it comes to building the right kind of website.

by Vishal R March 21, 2017 

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