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JavaScript is currently one of the all-around simplest results-oriented languages for enterprise web app development. Javascript performs processing and estimation of data like a cakewalk. Further, it helps to add visual effects to the screen.

Javascript is a language that is used for both  – the client and server side web applications. As per 2017 surveys, JavaScript leads with number 1 position in the popularity among other programming languages in the internet market leaving the rest far behind.

Features That Make JavaScript Future Of Programming Languages

Javascript has some essential and impressive features and advantages that make it future of programming languages –

JavaScript Is Done on the Client Side

The code execution is executed on the client side which beneficially saves the web server bandwidth.

Easy to Learn and Shoot

The Javascript programming language contributes many functional benefits. Among them, almost all are pre-composed and facilitate the course of development easier and faster.

User Friendly

Javascript is user-friendly. The manner in which it executes fast and uses a low bandwidth of the web server makes the language beneficial for the business owners planning to hire Javascript Developer for their web app.

Possibility of Third Party Add-on

The language allows developers and users to add functionality to the enterprise web app using small codes called snippets.


JavaScript hosts a plenty of libraries that supports quick and efficient website development.

Prototyping Language

JavaScript facilitates objects to be defined and created really fast. As the object is a sequence of a class, no particular class has to be generated for each object. This feature permits variety on the development course while making it flexible and swift.

Easier Site Management

JavaScript is a programming language that executes removal of bugs apparent. The debugging of JavaScript code is very simple using breakpoints or unit tests.


AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript And XML is nowadays becoming the best-fit and popular choice for web apps delivering their interfaces more user-interactive. Benefits of AJAX –

  • Faster response time with improvement in speed and performance
  • Active traffic between client and server.
  • Firefox add-on makes it simple to debug AJAX call.
  • Get access to JS Libraries like Prototype, Query, Scriptural, etc.  websites are convenient to navigate than typical ones.


To sum it all up, the future of enterprise app development is JavaScript. So, if you choose the future language for your business website, hire JavaScript developer and avail benefits. And while there’s no doubt that JavaScript is not the only language for enterprise app development, it may be by far the most powerful, productive and efficient one.